If you don’t use basic blackjack strategy, you can’t expect to win consistently at blackjack – these are the best decisions to make based on your hand and the dealer’s hand, this is the first step in blackjack to decrease the casino edge to less than 1%!

Choose Your Table

You don’t want to end up at a table of drunk, or slow players, or playing with rules that put you at a disadvantage, so choose your table based on these parameters:

The casino must allow doubling on all cards, and not just on the 9, 10, and 11: a directive was passed in 2007 in France for this, but all casinos did not understand that it was mandatory. If your local casino does not apply this law, let it know on this forum, they will contact the appropriate people.

Favor friendly casinos; you might as well have a good time with a friendly croupier and advantages given to the player (free drinks etc.

Avoid casinos that use automatic card shufflers; this kind of device destroys all the interest of blackjack; you might also play online at home.

Never Take Insurance Unless You Are Counting The Cards.

Taking the insurance benefits only the casino, and only inexperienced players will take the insurance offered to them. You will lose money mathematically, so avoid.

Play Gradually

Spontaneously when you lose, you may want to bet bigger and bigger to come back all at once and get out of the trap. Mistake! In negative sessions, don’t waste your entire cellar at once. The player who loses his cellar can no longer return to the game, and therefore his session will remain permanently negative.

The only concern should be to stay in the game long enough to allow time for your luck to favor you! So in negative sessions, you have to completely abandon the idea of ​​”redoing yourself” all at once, at the risk of losing everything.

Should I Tip The Dealer?

A potentially controversial issue, some players believe that tipping is counted as a loss, while the vast majority of players do not know whether to tip the dealer. Just keep in mind that the dealer has no power over the cards dealt with you. Most dealers are low pay and rely on tips; if you win a gesture will be appreciated!

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